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Must-Have OS/2 Apps - by Jörg Tiemann

[...] but generally - yes, when its time to stop playing and start working Linux gets rebooted and OS/2 appears.
   -- Craig

On these OS/2 pages:

Crazy Clock - Kleine Hommage an eine verrückte Uhr [German] [JavaScript]
Jörg's Jump2Directory - A simple Jump2Directory solution in REXX
Jörg's Change Directory - A comfortable CDing script (also in REXX)

When do you "today" want to be?  

It would be too big a task for me to write about all the OS/2 apps I use.  Therefore I try to concentrate on those that are unique or little known about.  As a start I've written an homage to one of the most charming desktop utilities I've come across.  More pages will follow as I have time ...

Until then the OS/2 section of my links page might give you a little overview on which OS/2 apps I think to be recommendable.

Crazy Clock
Kleine Hommage an eine verrückte Uhr [German] [JavaScript]
Als kleine Zugabe, und deshalb der Sündenfall Javascript, ist eine Javascript-basierte Version der Crazy Clock auf dieser Seite zu finden. Nicht das Original, fern ab von seiner Eleganz und Funktionsfülle, aber wenn man mal an einem Windows- oder Linux-Rechner sitzt, darf man eben nicht anspruchsvoll sein. >;->

Jörg's Jump2Directory
A simple Jump2Directory solution in REXX
This is a little REXX script that I wrote myself.  The purpose is to jump to a directory by simply providing a short nick name for the directory as an argument on the command line.  Thus no

 cd very\long\path\and\name\of\a\often\used\directory
but instead just
 jj nick
Prejudiced as I am I daresay the script is worth looking at.

Jörg's Change Directory
CDing as it ought to be
This is Jörg's Jump2Directory's big brother, a REXX script that hopefully is useful for directory changing. Among its' features are:
  • can make use of JJ's nick name database
  • can make use of Wolfgang's Change Directory's database
  • is able to cope with trailing backslashes
  • one step change to directories on other drives

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