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A tribute to EPM 6.03b - by Jörg Tiemann

EPM is very flexible that way.  The trouble is, it's so flexible that you have to choose between reading the EPM documentation and getting a life.  Understanding the full power of EPM is a bit like understanding ***nix.
   -- Peter Moylan in comp.os.os2.misc

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On this very page:

Things do happen
So what TF is this EPM thingy?
What features does this beast have?
What does EPM look like?

Things do happen  

Whenever someone asks me how something can be done in OS/2 my answer probably begins with:  'Well, you could do that with EPM.'  Some people realize that this is the right moment to run away as fast and as far they can.  They who don't are to get familiar with some of my poor brain's stranger thoughts - at least this may be their first impression.


So what TF is this EPM thingy?  

EPM, aka Enhanced Editor, is a very powerful programmers' type of editor for OS/2.  It is contained with all OS/2 Warp distributions but it might be necessary to visit LEO or Hobbes to get some of the available goodies -- for example the etpm compiler package which is needed when you want to compile *.e macros.

EPM has twice won the category "Text Editor or Programming Editor" in the Readers' Choice Awards (as done by OS/2 Ezine), which reflects on how popular it is among experienced OS/2 users.  From the "laudatio":

Winning this category for the second year in a row and included free in OS/2 itself is the Enhanced Editor, better known as EPM.  EPM is a do-all workhorse used for everything from simple text editing to program code editing to HTML editing.  Its programmability allows users to extend its basic functions with new, custom menus and features.  This incredible versatility and low price tag (free) keep its popularity high despite competition from third party products.
   -- OS/2 Ezine! v3n1 (Copyright © 1998 - Haligonian Media, ISSN 1203-5696)


What features does this beast have?  

But -- as I may be a little prejudicided on the topic and OS/2 magazines might not necessarily tell the truth ;-) -- judge yourself!  Here is a concise list of EPM features:

  • drag&drop abilities beyond the normal OS/2 drag&drop
  • keyword highlighting support for C, E, HTML, IPF, Java, Perl, Rexx, RC files, TeX, LaTeX, Script and whatever you want to highlight
  • syntax expansion for some programming languages
  • customizable and switchable toolbars
  • customizable menu layouts
  • dynamic spell check
  • edit ring support (multiple files in one EPM edit window)
  • ability to run several instances at the same time
  • keyword help
  • binary editing
  • group save & load for edit rings
  • Enhanced bracket matching
  • built-in macro language ("E")
  • option to link or unlink macro modules at runtime
  • option to permanentely include macro packages into your customized EPM
  • rexx interface
  • powerful UNDO
  • several block modes
  • variety of powerful block operations
  • command window for editing commands
  • DDE connectivity
  • Workframe/2 integration
  • vm host file editing
  • several file save & load modes
  • fast text sort
  • basic math functions
  • very powerful text search functions (search, grep & extended grep)
  • configuration via a Rexx profile (just an option...)
  • tags support
  • multiple views of a file in an edit ring
  • tree support (tree listing of a given path, sort list and load files from it)
  • dir support (dir listing of given path...)
  • built-in GUI for cmd.exe
  • ability to record and playback key sequences


What does EPM look like?  

The available functions and features of a program obviously are very important, but the look & feel isn't to be underestimated either.  EPM feels great (that much I can assure you) -- judge yourself how it can look!  Here are some screenshots of EPM-Sessions on my system.

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