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EPM Tips & Tricks - by Jörg Tiemann

"Isn't vi that text editor with two modes... one that beeps and the other that corrupts your file?"
   -- Woofbert in comp.os.linux.advocacy

Stupid EPM tips & tricks  

  • To delete entries in the epm file load dialog box mark an entry and then hit <ctrl-backspace>. In the same way you can delete entries of the command window history (that's the one that pops up when you hit <esc> or <ctrl+I> ).

  • Instead of searching for the messages icon in the toolbar or using the entry in the options menu you can also simply doubleclick in the messages line.

  • To force the reload of a (changed) highlighing scheme, enter

    toggle_control 2 epmkwds.xyz

    in the command line - "xyz" being the extension for the scheme you want to highlight.

  • You can load a file into the current edit ring by dragging & dropping it on the EPM titlebar:

    [img: loading file via titlebar drop]
    [Source: readme.epm]

  • The action performed when dropping a file anywhere else on the EPM window can be set in the settings dialog on the window page. There you can choose between importing the file into the current file or adding the dropped file to the edit ring.
    Importing can be very useful when you write webpages and have lots of complicated URLs to include. Just drag them from your Netscape to the desktop and from there into your EPM. [Source: readme.epm]

  • A chord (clicking "both" mouse buttons at the same time) will open the list ring dialog. [Source: readme.epm]

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