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The HTML on my pages - by Jörg Tiemann

HTML is the language spoken by a tribe of headhunters near the source of the Nile. It has proven useful for creating web pages and frenzied pygmy dance rituals. It is a simple language that can be edited with tools such as EDLIN, vi or the air traffic control system at the O'Hare Internation Airport.
   --Mr. Bunny

Best to be viewed with...  

... any browser.

I optimize my pages not for browsers but to meet the HTML standards.  Most modern and not so modern browsers can cope with that.  Among the browsers I had a look at my pages with are:

  •  IBM Webexplorer v1.2 for OS/2
  •  Internet Explorer (don't know the versions) for Windows
  •  Links v0.92, v.96, v2.1pre2 for OS/2
  •  Mozilla v0.94, v0.95, v0.97, v0.98, v1.0 for OS/2
  •  Mozilla v0.95, v0.96, v.1.1 for Windows
  •  Netscape v2.02, v4.61 for OS/2
  •  Netscape v4.6x and v4.74 for Linux and Windows
  •  Netscape v6.1 for Windows
  •  Opera v5.12 for Windows

All those browsers are capable to display my pages just fine.  If you want a recommendation I can point you at links and mozilla.  Unfortunately the good old IBM Webexplorer is suboptimal at tables (and does not know frames which however I do not use anyway) otherwise it would still be my No 1 recommendation.

If you choose a graphical browser, a window of at least 800x600 pels would be fine, a textmodebrowser may show the best results when the character window has a size of about 90x50 characters.

The fonts are so small/large/ugly/whatever...  

Short answer: I do respect your own preferences. For both, the font and the font size, are exactely what is set in your browsers preferences.  If you don't like those settings feel free to change them.

Do I need Javascript?  

Anyone who would run a browser with Javascript enabled would go on vacation and deliberately leave his house unlocked.
   -- Stan Brown

For my pages your browser does not need

  • to have Javashi^H^Hcript or ActiveX activated
  • to have Java support activated
  • to be able to do frames
  • to support any proprietary "HTML extensions" of M$ or other heroes of bug free and secure software.
HTML Validation and enhancements  

I try to validate my pages at http://validator.w3.org/ -- and usually I kick them until they validate as HTML 4.01 Transitional just fine.  To make revalidation easy for you and me there is the "valid html 4.01 icon" at the bottom of all validated pages.  Just click on it to see whether the page still validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional -- or if I've managed to spoil it all. ;-)

When it comes to "enhanced" page design I am content to enhance the content and therefore do not need to use any dumb proprietary HTML "enhancements" some browsers do provide in order to encourage the creation of webpages incompatible with the HTML standards and incompatible with other browsers.

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