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You're welcome! - by Jörg Tiemann

Me for beginners  

"I am 31 years of age, live on my own, and can tie my own shoelaces without significant injury."
   -- found in alt.humor.best.of.usenet

Whatever can be said to characterize me, this sentence summarizes it all.  Especially the third statement couldn't possibly be any truer.  I think there is nothing to be added - and even if there was, the Web wouldn't be the right place to do so.  Ignoring privacy matters for a moment -- and that may mean to stress them ;-) --, it has to be said that there isn't any need for more direct information about me, neither.  You simply don't need a personal profile of mine to read my texts on one topic or another.  You will be able to understand my words without knowing the color of my eyes, PINumbers, birth date or criminal record - should I have one.  Thus no pics, no listings of my interests, no curriculum vitae - nothing but just a few webpages of mine.

However after visiting these pages, you'll think you understand a little bit how I feel about some things, see that it's none of your business how I feel about some other things and you won't give a damn how I feel about some of the things (credits to Johnny Cash for that sentence).  And that's 'nough about me!  Weird enough an introduction it is!  

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