Lyorn's Stories

last updated   Feb 06 2006 -- took down the story "A Fool's Dream", for being no good.

Reproducing any content of this website is limited to printing it out or downloading it on your hard drive for your personal use. You're welcome to link to this site, but I'd be happy if you'd let me know.

Original Stories

   First We Take the Fridge . . .
   Last night things went bump in the fridge again . . .

   The Black Dragon's Son
   a very Drachenwaldian legend
   You've all heard the story of noble Albion . . .

Fan Fiction and RPG Stories

   A Cat's Tale
   A Highlander/WoD Crossover Myth

   Collisions In Time
   A Vampire: The Masquerade Story

Burning Bright
   A Vampire: The Masquerade Story

A Winter's Tale
   A Vampire: The Masquerade Story

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