Some Tips for Autocrating an Event

In no particular order:

  1. Find your site early. Make reservations early. Get everything in writing.
  2. When making a timetable, remember that in the SCA things very rarely happen on time.
  3. Delegate. Delegate the cooking (that's obvious), the Tourney, the Troll, the Children's Activities -- everything you can. (There will still be enough work left, trust me. And if not, then your event is one of the rare breed: An event were everything runs smoothly.)
  4. Meet with your 'staff' regulary to see how things progress and keep the whole together.
  5. Brainstorm: What have you seen gone wrong at events you were at? How can those things be avoided?
  6. Do not set too late a closing time for the site.
  7. If you can not be the first person to arrive on site and the last to go, find a trusted deputy who can.
  8. Keep a tight rein on expenses. The little things add up fast.
  9. When everything's over hold a debriefing. Write down what was done for future reference, and note everything that went wrong. Do not ever assign blame.

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