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Minstrels' Guild of Drachenwald     updated Apr 09 2004

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History of the Shire of Turmstadt

The Shire of Turmstadt was founded more than 10 years ago by a couple of loonies trying to do the impossible. Strangely enough it seems to have become quite prosperous and respectable now and even has its own homepage... But as they say, "histoy became legend, legend became myth", and I patched this history together from old chronicles and pieces of scrap paper to keep the memory.

Advice & Opinion

These are mostly based on replies to e-mails, or to questions asked on
On Autocrating Events
On Wearing Garb in Mundania
On Not Overworking Yourself or Anyone Else at An Event
On Becoming Notorious and What To Do Afterwards
On Organizing a Pot Luck
On Avoiding Politics

Obligatory Disclaimer

This page is mine, not the SCA Inc's nor the Kingdom of Drachenwald's. So are the opinions expressed here.

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