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Apr 11 2009 More dead linkage removed.
Feb 01 2009 Put a few dead links on the links page out of their misery.
Feb 06 2006 I'm not updating the Links page anymore. You want links, go to my Live Journal. You can probably guess my user name.
I also took down the story "A Fool's Dream", because the thing should really have been beta'd by a native speaker and hasn't, and is most likely an embarrasment.
May 21 2005 As I am not doing much writing in English currently, I split the English-language news page from the German one.
And to remedy the "not doing much writing in English", there's a new Vampire: The Masquerade story: A Winter's Tale
Apr 09 2004 SCA: The Webpage of the Minstrels' Guild of Drachenwald has found a new home somewhere else, so I removed it from my site.
May 12 2003 Two new stories: Burning Bright, a Vampire: The Masquerade story, and an original story, A Fool's Dream.
Apr 29 2003 Now on the SCA page: The Cynics's Guide to Avoiding SCA Politics.
Mar 27 2003 Something new for the Drachenwald Minstrels' Guild
Feb 13 2003 More Advice & Opinion on the SCA page:
On Becoming Notorious and What To Do Afterwards and On Organizing a Pot Luck
Dec 14 2002 Some maintenance on the links page. Nothing new right now, but I hope there will be soon.
Aug 22 2002 Collisions in Time -- a Vampire: The Masquerade story
Aug 3 2002 Something new on the RPG page: Seekings in Mage and how to play them
May 17 2002 Did some maintenance on the link page and added a new RPG link
Apr 19 2002 More on my SCA page: Some opinion and practical advice.
Apr 09 2002 Finally on my SCA page: The History of the Shire of Turmstadt. An opinionated work in progress.
Dez 17 2001 One new link.
Nov 20 2001 I mirrored the Webpage of the Minstrels' Guild of Drachenwald on the SCA-page.
And there's one new link on the list.
Nov 16 2001 Small update to the link list, and a new story: The Black Dragon's Son.
Plus, a new layout and colour scheme for the stories.
Sep 23 2001 Finally got my links and recs page done!
Aug 19 2001 Added a sitemap!
Jul 10 2001 One Hundred Yards of Spider Silk: a Werewolf: The Apocalypse Umbral Quest for a pack of Coyote's Children.
Apr 28 2001 Added the story First We Take The Fridge..., (which is the English translation of Heute der Kühlschrank...)
Apr 18 2001 The Ghost Ship: A Vampire: The Masquerade Story
A Cat's Tale: A Highlander/WoD Crossover Myth
Apr 9 2001 Set up the page

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