That's Metal #16

(Motiv : Greg May / Tyrant)
Issue 16 was published in March 2000, written in German. 71 pages full of  metalic wisedom. Many in full colour. And again we are tracing heavy metal legends from the past and featuring great new stuff. Don't  miss it if you are into metal !
Saint, Push Comes II Shove, Breaker, Nasty Disaster, Cirith Ungol, Abbatoir, Hanker, Killer Khan, Antithesis, Powermad Festival 1999, Talamasca, Cyrcle IX, Twisted Tower Dire, Zandelle, Oz, Black Knight, Cyclone, Mexico Special, Vault, Wizard, Ruffians, Blacksmith, Madd Hunter, Domine, Axel Thubeauville, Reviver, Watchtower,  Agent Steel, Screamer, Total Eclipse, Invader, Tyrant and more  demo/vinyl and CD reviews than you can stand...


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