That's Metal # 14

(Motiv : Vic Hix / Shok Paris)
Issue 14 was published in February 1999, written in German. 80 pages full of true metal warfare. Many in full colour. Print run is 3000 copies. And again we are tracing heavy metal legends from the past and featuring great actual bands. There is no excuse for missing it !
Vortex,Vampyr, Destiny's End, Emerald, Powermad Festival, Angus, Metalucifer, Brainfever, Kratos, Heathens Rage, Schoppecrusade 98, Destruction, Encryption, Shok Paris, Paragon, Evil, Tantrum, Warhammer, Skullview, Heavy Artillery, Wrath, Maxx Warrior, Manowar, October 31, Wild Dogs, Scandinavian record special, Metal rarities and more than a fistfull of reviews... 


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