Welcome to my THAT'S METAL site, Germanys one and only TRUE METAL fanzine. We are a printed magazine, published two or three times a year. This is only my  "Online - Offshoot", but with your overwhelming help it gets stronger every day!
THAT'S METAL is the successor of the "That's It" fanzine, which was published for 13 issues. Due to personal reasons the former chief editor refused to continue his work and so THAT'S METAL was born after many struggles in February 1999. The editing team stayed the same with Martin Brandt as the new publisher and chief editor. Since the name- change a few new writers were added, and so I came to the mag.
The cover motivs of the magazines available you will find in the REVIEW section, from there you will get to the individual issues. Click REVIEWS and start with an issue, at the top of the respective page please find a short description of the main contents of each issue. Please notice that the reviews available here are only those I composed by myself. It's only a short example for a wide bunch of metal reviews done in every issue. Also included are some reviews not considered in the mag because of our permanent lack of space (marked as Online Review). Please note: I will review every sound carrier send in if you are in the music spectrum listed below. But I can't guarantee that your stuff gets in the mag, but an "Online-review" on this page of Steel is guaranteed if you have an outstanding release. 
A few words about the concept behind THAT'S METAL: we are specialized in the real stuff from the eighties and power/progressive/speed/thrash/epic/ traditional/ true metal and some good hardrock from today (no grunge, crossover, hardcore and other Trendgülle). Our emphasis lies on featuring bands from the glory days who haven't a platform in other mags or are fallen in oblivion and true metal bands from the underground (mostly unsigned bands). Besides I'm also writing for an german online metal magazine called Vampster, holding high the banner of True Metal there (watch out for my pseudonym "Wings" at this zine...). You have also access to my "Vampster"-stuff on this page.
I'm contributing to the THAT'S METAL 'zine since the end of 1998 and my special interests are speed, prog and power metal from unsigned bands from the metal underground, but of course every other band from the spectrum listed above is welcome, too. I'm very keen on releases from more "exotic" metal countries, so - whereever you are - get in contact !
We are always interested in self produced and rare own pressings, releases from smaller labels and demo tapes, don't hesitate to get in contact. We are always looking for new metal bands, which would like the chance of presenting their music to a very competent and well informed readership. So if you play in a true metal band (or if you know someone...) please send your stuff to my address (see below) for review or send a mail. If you e-mail to me, an answer is guaranteed !
Please include the price of your CD / tape with h & p to Germany and your contact address when you send in your material, then it's possible to include your informations in the review text.
If you want to place an order, please get THAT'S METAL from one of the big german mailorders (f.e. Nuclear Blast, Hellion) or get in contact with me. Direct orders from: Martin Brandt, Ringstr.40, 27793 Wildeshausen, Germany for: DM 7 inside Germany, DM 17 other countries (sorry, the german post is very expensive !) for one copy. Postage and mailing envelope is included, delivery via surface mail. 
Thanks for your interest, I hope to hear from you very soon. Please excuse this very short treatment of the subject, but it's hard to find enough time for the work for two metal mags and this page beside my dayjob. I will expand this page in the future. For this reason, too, just some of the reviews are translated so far.(If you can help me out with translations (german - english), please get in touch). I hope you will enjoy them nevertheless. I try to include more interviews and translated reviews in the course of time. 
Hail to all brothers of metal out there - we all know it : 
Up The Irons,
And this is what others wrote about us :
You definitly can't become more professional than the THAT'S METAL guys, that's for sure ! ... Their way of writing is a combination of in-depth knowledge about the golden 80's and a big sense of humor. (Snakepit # 2, Germany)
Actually this is my personal favourite fanzine/magazine in existence. It's simply perfect.... The fanzine is kick-ass/ brillant/ majestic, makes me proud of being a metalhead and furthermore is one of the most well-informed ones worldwide. (Steel Conjuring # 2, Greece)
This is a killer magazine ... I consider it an absolutely true Heavy Metal effort. (Singing Swords # 3, Greece)
Cult ! (Heavy, oder was # 45, Germany)
The garden eden for the true metal maniac... (Heavy, oder was # 48, Germany)
I've been raving about how good the German mags are, and in term of content featured and published regulary THAT'S METAL is the best ... makes US mags looks like buffoons. Anyways, bands should definitely send their material in. (Sentinel Steel # 3, USA)
Simply awesome! ... Join these guys in their fight against false metal. (Rock Hard # 147, Germany)
...again the Champions-League winner in the fanzine area... own opinions for "closed minds", super interviews... Especially because the mag includes something, which is missing in the meantime in many other small magazines: Competence. (Rock Hard # 151, Germany)


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