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Welcome to the homepage of

Dr.Christian Böttger

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Icon Brief Address: pro|business AG 
Deutscher Pavillon 
EXPO Plaza 1 
D-30539 Hannover 
Icon Telefon phone: +49-511-60066-331
Icon Fax fax:  +49-511-60066-355
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work areas at pro|business:
  • Head of Software Solutions Team, OpenSource, project management, IT-Consulting, Linux

work areas at ISL:
  • Project Management, PreSales, Customer Relations, strategical and tactical planning, EDI, eBusiness
  • EIES (European Information Exchange Service between Harbour Areas)
  • WISDOM (Waterborne System Distributed to other Modes)
  • NEPTUNE NEPTUNE is a non profit making association of maritime research institutes, universities and politechnics.
  • AIM Application Interconnectivity Management, the ISL eBusiness Tool
  • AIM/CORBA Erweiterung AIM (Application Interconnectivity Management) mit Corba (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)
  • DACAR Dangerous Goods Notification
  • Truck Order Tracing
  • VTMIS Message CORBA based Messaging Application for the Communication between VTMIS partners
  • VTMIS-Net Vessel Traffic Management and Information Services - Network
  • ALSO DANUBE Advanced Logistic Solutions for Waterway Danube
  • Gefahrgutmanagement
  • InfoTech Kompetenzentwicklung zur Einführung von Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien in KMU's
  • Maritrain Initiative of the EDAPT/ESF Community, European Network: Regional Maritime Transfer of Innovation and Training
  • SiDaBa Provision of Vessel Information from VTS Stations for External Parties
  • system administration and other boxes (Linux)
  • system administration (SUN Solaris 2.6)

former work areas at HMI (Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin):
  • FEM calculations (ADINA) on fibre reinforced ceramics
  • used to be 2nd experiment responsible for the neutron scattering experiment E3 at the research reactor BER II at BENSC (E3 is a powder diffractometer equipped with a 400 channel multidetector)
    (if your WWW browser can handle HTML 3.0 or better, please use E3-new instead)
    The above links reflect the status when I worked there... nowadays E3 looks like this.

former work areas at the University College of the University of New South Wales, located at ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy):

former work areas at the Technical University of Braunschweig TU BS (Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig), IMNF (Institut für Metallphysik und Nukleare Festkörperphysik) (Institute of Metal Physics and Nuclear Condensed Matter Physics ):
  • AG Prof. Hesse: Physikalische Eigenschaften metallischer Systeme: Magnetismus und Mikrostruktur von Legierungen, nanostrukturierten Systemen und kleinen Teilchen
  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy
  • Faraday Balance
  • AC susceptibility measurements
  • SQUID measurements
Linie mit Geist
my PhD thesis (German) in LaTeX2e, Postscript or PDF format
title "Der Magnetismus des Systems (Fe0.65Ni0.35)1-xMn x - Ein Modellsystem für Reentrant-Spingläser"
Linie mit Geist
other interests:
  • LaTeX2e
  • Olórin@TUBMUD
  • flying (PPL-A) (still student pilot)

Pfeil rechts That where I'm living: Sievershausen, Germany (30 km east of Hannover):


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periodic meeting of the 'Stiftis' in Berlin

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Icon Baustelle A few benchmark results for computers at HMI.

A good general introduction to UNIX (english, 380 kB) (alternate 1, alternate 2) in PostScript format

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Christian Böttger

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