For Amiga 1200, Amigas with zorro-slots, PCs with ISA Slots

is a universal floppy disk controller that uses unmodified PC diskdrives. The Catweasel can handle nearly any disk format, you just have to find a drive for them. Normally, these drives are just 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch drives. PC floppy drives used to be known as being able to work with PC formatted disks only, but now you can access any of the disk formats listed further below. We're updating the software regularly since 1996. Here's the list of the supported formats. This list applies to all versions of the Catweasel!

* all PC-formats (180K up to 1440K)
* Amiga DD and HD (also 5,25" formats)
* Atari 9, 10 and 11 sektor disks
* Macintosh 720K, 800K, 1440K (DD, GCR, HD)
* Commodore 1541, 1571, 1581 (C64, C128 and 3,5" C-64 disks)
* XTRA High density with 2380KByte per disk
* Nintendo backup station 1600KB format
* Atari 800XL (all MFM formats, FM under developement)
* Apple IIe disks (Apple DOS 3.3 and up)
* further 8-bit formats planned

Sophisticated error correction algorithms enable you to read otherwise unreadable disks. In other words, you have an excellent chance to read your formally unreadable floppy disks.

You can connect up to two drives to the Catweasel, and the two drives can be any combination of 3.5" and 5.25".

Catweasel MK2 for Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000
The fastest way to give a HD diskdrive to your Amiga! Compared to a standard Amiga-HD drive, Catweasel-drives are up to 2.6 times faster! This peak value is reached when accessing PC 1440K disks. The performance on Amiga HD disks is also very good: We have cracked the speed barrier of 50 seconds for reading a whole Amiga 1760K disk. A HD drive by any other vendor takes more than 80 seconds for the same operation. The Catweasel software is programmed totally system-conform: Programs like ReOrg, Shapeshifter, Fusion, PCx, Frodo, CrossDos and CrossMac work fine with the Catweasel. The latest version of Diavolo Backup also supports the Catweasel, so you can make backups on XTRA HD disks with 2380K per disk!

There's two ways for connecting the Catweasel MK2: In the A1200, it fits to the clock-port. That's the small 22-pin header located between the Kickstart Roms and the memory chips. The function of a real-time clock located on an accelerator board or a memory board is not harmed.
In the A4000, the Catweasel MK2 is connected to the internal IDE port. Again, the function of the IDE port is not harmed in any way: The pass-through of the Catweasel can still be used to connect two IDE devices: One master and one slave. When connected to the A1200 clock-port, the local expansion port is also activated. This port is meant for the Silversurfer Limited Edition.

The Catweasel MK2 is shipped with all the necessary cables and the software on disk, including a filesystem that lets you access C-64 disks as if they were Amiga-disks. You can either directly access files, or make the popular .d64 images. If you feel like writing a .d64 image back to a disk, it's no problem with this filesystem. The disk can then directly be placed into your old C-64 drive! For everyone who bought the controller with a German manual, click here for the English version (caution: large amount of data, manual is scanned!).

Catweasel ZII S-Class
The Zorro-Catweasel is a combination of two individual Computers-products. You have a Buddha Flash IDE controller and a Catweasel MK2 on the same card. The Buddha has even got one more IDE port, so you can connect up to six IDE or Atapi devices. You get the full Buddha software package as well as the Catweasel software package - for an incredibly low bundle price!

Catweasel ISA version (PC, Alpha AXP, BeBox)
The ISA version of the Catweasel is shipped with MS-DOS (TM) software. Writing to disks is only possible under Linux at the moment. The drivers are not designed to be easy-to-use. Instead, they are tools "for-freaks-only". You can read disk images from the formats listed above, and single files can be copied from Amiga, PC and C-64 disks. Drivers for the Alpha AXP are only available under Linux, and BeBox support is under developement.
The ISA Catweasel only needs I/O address space, it does not need any DMA or IRQ channel. This way, a maximum level of compatibility is given. Accessing the Catweasel drives with a drive letter is not possible.

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